Street Lights from Natural Source

Street lights are very much important not just for the sake of giving light but more so they provide safety against for everyone crossing on the streets especially in an area where a lot of road accidents happen during the night particularly vehicular accidents. The government is spending a lot of funds just to provide street lights for every street for the safety and security of its citizens but of course maintaining them would really cost a lot for the government not just with the bulbs itself but also in paying for the electricity that these lights will consume. This is why solar street lights are now being preferred.

Why it is being preferred more

solar-street-lighting_03_x300There are far more benefits that solar street lights can offer for those who are using this kind of light. One, of course, is the amount of money that you can save by using it. These lights only use the energy that comes naturally from the sun thus you no longer need to pay for electricity which is continuously increasing in price. What you have to spend to use these lights would only include the purchase of the equipment or unit, its installation and its regular maintenance instead of paying costly electricity bills.

Solar street lights are simple and easy to install. There is no need for long connections of wiring and cables as there is no line power which you have to connect with it. There is no more excavation work to be required and need for long labor hours. The area that is needed to install it is small and there are minimal material requirements needed. You won’t need to do a major disturbance with the people living in the said area and won’t be caused of traffic along the main road thus will really going to benefit the many.

It is better to use solar street lights as it is more durable and will really last for several years especially when the bulbs that you are using is LED which is also an environment-friendly. Mercury is not present in LED bulbs unlike in any lighting products so it will not harm the environment. Since the source of these lights power is the energy coming from the sun it is definitely safe, pure and clean not to affect the surroundings. There is also no danger of people to be electrocuted during storms and unexpected calamities.

LED bulbs are also brighter than any other bulb. Though you may find the first installation of these solar street lights may cost a lot of money but in the long run you will see that you will save a lot compare when you are using electricity bulbs. Many individuals, establishments, and even the government have a high preference on using this type of lights for environmental and economic reasons.  Using this type will really cut the costs that the government should spend and there will be more available funds to be used for other purposes. This is also great in far-flung areas that cannot be reached by electricity.

Rural areas are the first to have used this type of solar street lights because of its simplicity and low cost. In fact, many households are also adapting the same in their homes to save electricity consumption while others use it as their main source of light at night. However, solar lights at home are simpler than street lights because people only use pet bottles that serve as bulb and a mixture of water and a certain compound that will get the energy of the sun to transform into light inside the house.

The Type of Energy That Could Power a Street Light

solar streets at nightA lot of studies already conducted that the use of solar energy as an alternative to our regular electricity is one of the biggest solutions to the widespread effects of global warming. According to most scientists, the world will self-destruct millions of years from now if the heat is continuously trapped in our sphere which is just a short time frame compared to the time that it will take to “die” naturally after trillions of years. The use of solar energy has been discovered more than 70 years now and although it is now being used in most country with advanced technology, we can hardly feel its effect since it is not used worldwide and there are some additional factors that contribute to the fast destruction of the earth. If people are aware of the benefits that they can get from using solar, for sure they will be interested to use this amazing science.

What is solar power?

Solar power is the most abundant energy on the earth as it comes from the sun. Solar which means the sun in Latin is a very powerful source of energy that all things from earth utilize every day. Aside from the very obvious benefit which is light during the day, it is also used by plants for their food production which again benefits us since oxygen is the byproduct of this process. Solar energy can also be used during the night since it powers our solar street lights. This will only be possible though through the use of solar panels and other photovoltaic equipment.

What are solar panels?
Solar panels are the panels you see on top of your solar street lights. These panels will collect heat coming from the sun which will be converted to electricity that can be used in many ways. Solar panels are composed of tiny solar cells. It can be moved in any direction to absorb more heat.

Different Uses of Solar Pathway Lighting

When you heard of solar street lights, you often think that they are only meant for your garden to light up your yard. But as the years go by, the use of this lighting has changed. Now, you can use it in any area where you want to put lights. In this article, you will learn the different uses of solar pathway lighting.

For Business Establishments and Parks

Installing solar pathway lighting in the offices is perfect as it lights up the pathway to your office. Apart from you can see the way in your office room; it also adds beauty to the hall. They are more professional-looking than other lighting sources, and they can help you save your budget for your electricity bill.

Aside from the offices, you can also install it in the park. It is a perfect alternative to an ordinary lamppost as it is brighter than the usual source of light. Also, the lights won’t get dimmer since you can charge them while the sun is up and use it during the night.

For the Streets

When you are travelling at night, it is quite hard to see the road, especially if it’s too dark. With the help of solar street lights, you can see the road clearly.  Hence, the chances of having an accident will be lessened.

For Safety Purposes

solar street lights5Crimes usually happen during the night. The ambiance is too dark, making it impossible for the victim to recognize the culprit. But if you installed solar pathway lighting outside your house, the crimes happening in your neighborhood will be lessened. The culprits will be afraid to commit a crime since everyone will see them if they do something wrong. In other words, installing solar powered lightings will give you security against wrongdoers.

So these are the different uses of solar-powered pathway lighting. The next time someone asks you about its uses, you can say that they are not just for home purposes. You can use it in the building, at the park and even provides security to the people. You just need to choose a place where you want to install them.